Propeller Services NZ

Located in Papamoa Beach, just south of Mt Maunganui, Propeller Services is a family owned business run by Alex and Steve Barker.

Specialising in outboard and sterndrive propellers, we both sell new propellers and run a workshop to repair aluminium, stainless steel and bronze propellers.

Our flagship brands are Powertech Propellers, from Louisiana in the United States, and Baeksan Propellers from Busan in South Korea.


Powertech Propellers

PowerTech! Marine Propellers is a 26-year-old, American-owned company that specializes in the design, manufacture and sale of, both, stainless steel propellers and aluminum propellers for the marine industry. Powertech! is known for its quality, performance and innovation, and proudly offer one of the largest selections of stainless steel propellers in the industry.

PowerTech! began life as a small production shop in 1986 in Shreveport, Louisiana, catering to the need for more durable, higher performance propellers for smaller outboard applications. As time progressed, they realized that this need was not strictly limited to these smaller applications, and that there was an even greater need for propeller specialization in the larger applications, as well. From that point forward, PowerTech! began focusing on propeller and hub design innovation, creating such products as the patented CushionLok hub system that has revolutionized the industry and has garnered acclaim from, both, customers and competitors, alike. Now, with over 400,000 propellers in service and continued double-digit sales growth, PowerTech! has grown into an internationally recognized market leader through innovation, performance, quality and customer service.

Along with their many standard, all-purpose designs, PowerTech! is well known for their specialty propellers that are available in almost every motor range, including semi-cleavers, double-cups, triple-cups, pontoon/workboat props, 4- and 5-blades, and the like. From the all-purpose to the exotic, ranging from 9.25” diameter (9.9 hp) up to 18.5” diameter (Bravo II) fitments, they offer a wide variety of blade geometries and configurations, so that we can handle the many and varied performance needs of our customers. 

Baeksan Propellers

BaekSan Propeller Co., Ltd. (B.S.P.) is located in Busan, South Korea. BaekSan Propeller Co., Ltd. was established as Baeksan Industrial Machinery of a medium-sized company in 1984, starting their business as a supplier for POSCO in order to provide with steel manufacturing facilities. BaekSan Propeller Co., Ltd. is facing a new turning point as an exporting company specializing in manufacturing propellers for outboard motor boats, and creating a bright future.

Furthermore, as a professional leader of outboard motor propeller, they have an excellent relationship with outstanding businesses in more than 12 countries. 
They have been designated as Superior Small and Medium Enterprise, Superior Export Enterprise, and Venture Enterprise by Korean government. They have been also registered as a member of Korea Foreign Trade Association.