Propeller Workshop

Propeller Services offers full repair and refurbishment services for your stainless steel or aluminium propeller.

We are able to repair the majority of damage suffered by outboard, stern-drive and ski-boat propellers, including bend straightening, chip and ding repair, hub replacement and repolishing of stainless propellers.

Weld repairs are completed using TIG welding techniques, and can fill nicks, replace diameter lost to sand abrasion, and rebuild broken sections on propellers up to 10mm on stainless and 20mm on aluminium. Repairs are refinished to match the original shape of the propeller, and in most cases, after polishing, are undetectable to the naked eye.

Hub replacements are done using HMS hubs, who are an OEM supplier in the United States. We stock replacement hubs for 99% for common propellers on the market, and still have hubs available for many older propellers manufactured before 1990. In most cases hub replacement can be completed in less than a day, so if received before mid-day Thursday, they can be finished and dispatched for receipt on Friday (In time for that last-minute fishing trip)

Blade cupping and repitching is available on a limited basis. Aluminium propellers can be altered by 1 to 2" of pitch relatively easily. Stainless steel, especially propellers by Mercury, Yamaha, Stiletto and Powertech, are constructed from high carbon stainless steel, and operations to modify the pitch on these often yield very little change. If you have a stainless steel propeller requiring repitching, please contact us on our toll-free number, or via our contact form.

We also offer refurbishment of Jet-ski impellers and jet pumps. Damaged impellers are able to be straightened, and edges are able to be rebuilt and machined to close up over-tolerance gaps between the impeller and wear-ring - normal gap tolerance is 0.013", and gaps over 0.020" and cause cavitation problems, affecting the performance of your ski.

Pump housings with worn wear rings can be refurbished in many cases. We can fit replacement rings to Sea-doo pumps, either supplied by you or by us, Yamaha housings are also able to be skimmed oversize to remove deep scratches. Kawasaki and Honda pumps are able to be dressed to remove light and medium scratches.